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Lights Out And Dance (LOAD) is the Gold Coast's very own weekly dance session with the lights out.  LOAD is about healthy minds, healthy bodies and healthy souls.
It’s your weekly dancing in the dark session for the pure simple joy of dance.
Since the dawn of time, dancing has connected people, tribes and communities across the globe. Some like to dance in halls, some their lounge rooms, some with lights on, some with disco lights; but at LOAD, we like it in the dark!
As research suggests, the health benefits of dancing are endless. Dancing supports improved mental health and well-being and helps to reduce the effects of depression while supporting weight loss.  Dancing is said to also aid in strong bones and reducing the risk of osteoporosis, better coordination, agility and flexibility, as well as providing a space to increase one’s self-esteem and provide a fun social activity.
LOAD is a time and space for you to dance, just for yourself.  At LOAD, we’re about breaking down barriers; freeing inhibitions; dancing free of fear and judgement and being part of something inclusive and truly unique.  It's simply a place to shake out the stresses of the week any way you want - total free movement! 
If you don't have rhythm, that's fine!  If you don’t have the coordination or think you can’t dance, that's fine too.  With no steps to learn or teacher to follow, it’s a place that is simply for you to move how you want.  In the darkness, you can tune out to life and get lost in music and movement.

LOAD is about community. Every week, Gold Coast community members come together to dance in the dark for the pure joy of dance. Strangers, connected by their shared desire to tune out to life and into great music and just DANCE.

LOAD sessions will also help cure ‘mondayitis’ – it’s a real thing! and revitalise you on 'hump day' so you can face the remainder of the week head-on!
It's LOAD's of fun, will give you LOAD's of energy and provide you with LOAD's of health benefits - both mental and physical!
So come along and join us, and dance like no-one’s watching!