💛 frequently asked questions 💛

Here you'll find all the answers to all the questions you might be wondering.  You know the ones - how much is it, is there a teacher, what do I wear, how long does it go for, how old is everyone, etc.?


Lights Out And Dance is a weekly dance fitness session, in the dark!


It’s your time each week to unwind and just dance.  Why? Because dancing is good for the mind, body and soul.  


Lights Out Tickets are:

$10.00 +bf - General Admission

$7.00 +bf - Concession card


NDIS Carers (when attending with companion card holder) & kids under 5 are free.


Mondays 7pm - Burleigh Heads

Tuesdays 7pm - Upper Coomera

Thursdays 7pm - Runaway Bay 

Click here for our locations page.


Yes, most people go on their own.  


We all value our 'me-time' to just dance each week for ourselves and as a welcoming dancey tribe we love the dance floor friendships forged, so don’t be shy to join us. 


Yes and No!

We don't take song requests per se.

Instead, we have a LOAD Tribe Song Suggestion playlist on Spotify where everyone can add their favourite dancing tunes, and this is the place we take inspiration from to create our playlists. You'll find this playlist on our music page.

Click me for our music page!


They sure are!

However, we do recommend that you try a session on your own first to ensure your kids will enjoy it and that they will be ok in a dark, loud environment.

Please bear in mind that we do not filter music with explicit language.


 We also ask parents to monitor their children's behaviour and ensure they are not disrupting other dancers by talking and running amok


Only at first!

By the end of the session, you'll be a sweaty, smiling, clapping ball of joy and happiness.

You'll be wondering why it's taken so long to join us!!


Then welcome to our dancey tribe!

We look forward to dancing with you for the years to come !  


Don't forget to tell all of your friends who you think would like to join our tribe also!  You can do this by inviting them to our Facebook page here!


Our Runaway Bay session is the darkest venue, and we love it!  We are working on getting our two new venues at Burleigh Heads & Upper Coomera as dark as possible & hope to have a resolution very soon. 


For anyone attending Runaway Bay, your night vision will kick in shortly after the session begins &, you’ll be able to make out the silhouettes of the people dancing around you!


Yes, spots are limited so bookings are essential. 

We do not offer door sales, so all bookings must be done through the website & can be made right up until our sessions start.

Click here to book your spot.


The Lights Out tribe is a wonderous & eclectic dancing community of individuals connected by our love of music & dance.  


We are mostly women over 40 who miss those fun nights spent dancing the night away so value having a place to dance for an hour each week with the exhiliration & freedom that comes with dancing in the dark & exercising at our own pace.  


We curate playlists that are fast, fun, and full of dancefloor bangers to keep our tribe dancing non-stop for the entire hour!


 We cover a wide variety of decades and genres and aim to get the right balance of old and new.  


If it's fast and fun, we'll dance to it!

Click me for our music page



We recommend workout clothing, including comfortable footwear.  Jeans are not recommended, especially in summer.

As long as you're wearing clothes, we're happy 🤣


Yep! When the lights go out we have a ZERO TALKING policy.  


Feel free to sing, clap and cheer, but we do ask for no talking once the lights go out, and for everyone to be mindful of those around you.


We understand that it might not be for everyone, so if it turns out it's not ffor you then you can leave at any point.

Please note, we do not offer refunds.