When it comes to our music, no two weeks at LOAD are the same. By sending through song requests, our Groovers shape what we dance to.
We try to cover most genres and era's, with sessions made up of pop to rock to folk to swing, to r&b, to hip-hop, to booty popping world music and dance floor classics. The songs people respond the best to are the super cheesy classics! We do like to push boundaries and try everything. Whilst you might not like like a particular song, we're pretty sure that you'll love most!  And if there's a song you don't love you can always take a break or do some stretching - it'll be over soon!
Follow us on Apple Music or Spotify and check out our weekly playlists.  If you’re having a party anytime soon, why not follow our Motherlist that contains every song we’ve ever danced to. It's guaranteed to bring any party to life! ​

Tel. +61 429 600 707  I   info@loaddance.com

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