• Karleen Harrington


Karls is back in charge, at the moment!! Very soon though, she'll be introducing you to a fabulous new face at Burleigh tribe who she thinks you'll love also!

In the meantime, Karls would LOVE to see your familiar faces back on the dance floor to share a long overdue dance with you all again very soon!

In fact, if you could make it to the session next week, she’d love you to let her know what you think about the new dancing digs we are trialling?

If you’ve already joined us for a dance at Fradgley Hall, click here to give your feedback on it now!

We’ve got two more weeks of our trial at the Fradgley Hall Community Centre in Burleigh before we make the decision to stay there and surrender our Monday spot at the Burleigh Heads State School.

We’d really like those of you who dance with us most weeks (even if you’ve not been for a while) to test this facility and give us your feedback about the hall, and which would be your preference moving forward.

We also wanted to let you know we've also been floating the idea of a Wednesday session at 7 pm and would love to know your thoughts about a Wednesday night as an alternative or additional night for our Burleigh session. Click here to let us know your thoughts on a Wednesday session!

A huge thanks to everyone who submitted your feedback about whether we continue the Burleigh session after we sent out this survey wondering why our numbers were so low and what was preventing people attending.

It was incredibly comforting to know that of all of you who responded, everyone indicated a super desire to get back on our dance floor and confirmed that love our Burleigh session. It would appear that the shit gift that keeps on giving, COVID, has kept most people away. As you know, COVID has played havoc and at this stage we are back every week with no further stoppages so we do hope that we get to have a dance with you soon.

🖤 💃🕺🏼🖤

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