• Karleen Harrington


Hello Silent Disco’ers!

We are so excited to step outside and dance beneath tonight’s full moon with you all, it’s going to be epic!!!

Things to know in preparation:

  • We’ll be on site from 6:30 pm to set up and prepare an epic 75 minutes of non-stop dancing fun for you all.

  • Please ensure you arrive by 6:50 pm to have your tickets scanned and headsets and issued.

  • You’ll find us along the beachfront, across the road from Wallace Nicoll Park. Please head straight to the beach side, where we will have a trestle table set up with headsets. (Image below)

  • We’ll be dancing beneath this incredible art installation (but please, no touching or leaning bags against it).

  • There is no storage for personal belongings available, so we do ask that any bags etc are kept in cars and only water bottles are brought with you – NO GLASS.

  • All children must be accompanied by an adult.

  • There are toilets available across the road in the park, and in the SWELL Festival area in the Wallace Nicoll Park.

  • Water is a must. We’re going to keep you dancing non-stop for a solid 75 minutes so please stay hydrated.

  • Comfortable clothing is a must. Most people will wear workout gear as they will get hot and sweaty.

  • There will be three music channels on offer. We will give you instructions on how to change channels when you are issued with your headset. If you don’t like a song, simply change the channel!

  • There are still a few tickets left, so if you have friends wanting to book they better get in quick as they are almost sold out!

  • Lastly, we will have our videographer Dan onsite capturing some of the magic of tonight’s the event. He’s a great dude so if you see him and his camera please make sure to give him a big smile and show him your flashiest most epic daggy dance moves!

Squeal, excited!

Karls xo

Lights Out And Dance

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