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Good morning Burleigh tribe!

Apologies, last week’s update had the incorrect link for Burleigh, so, without further ado, here’s the correct one!

To update from last week, while I’m back at the helm, unfortunately, my windscreen wipers have chosen the worst day to stop working and can’t be repaired until tomorrow, so I won’t be joining you this evening, which is a good Segway into…

Let me introduce you to the Extraordinary Energetic Enthusiastic Courtneeeeeey!!

Many moons ago, Courts was a regular Groover at Lights Out but got a bit distracted when she had a baby! We are not only chuffed to welcome her back to our dance floor but also welcome her formally to the tribe as a new volunteer dance leader for Burleigh!!

Courtney has been lending a hand with the Burleigh tribe since we hit the dance floor a month ago, and that includes putting together what you’ve been dancing to for the last couple of weeks – and what awesome tunes she has delivered!

Tonight, Courtney will run her first solo session, so I hope you can all join her on the dance floor & make her first solo experience an epic dance-off she won’t forget!

Don’t forget, we’re at Fradgley Hall Community Centre now located above the Burleigh Library, and as we only have one more week to decide if we surrender our Monday booking at the Burleigh Heads State School and make this our permanent home, we need your feedback on these new dancing digs. Click here to give your feedback if you've danced with us here already!

You might also notice a new $10 ticket when you go to book; you can read more about this here!

Don’t forget to book next week’s tickets on Freebie FriYAY!! Find out more about this here.

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