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So you’ve booked your very first Lights Out And Dance session, and you’ve got no idea what to expect, right?

You wouldn’t be the first, so we hope this information will help ensure you’re well prepared for your first session and ready for your new favourite thing to do – have a weekly date with yourself on the Lights Out dance floor!

Lights Out is your time each week to just dance! It's going to be the weirdest, most awkward thing you'll have done in a while, but only to begin with! By the end, it will be your new favourite thing to do and you'll leave our session a laughing, cheering, sweaty happy mess like all of us!

At Lights Out there’s





⚡️no lights

⚡️no talking, just dancing

⚡️no phones

⚡️no inhibitions

⚡️no glass bottles


When you arrive, have your ticket’s QR code ready for scanning, some people screenshot it after booking, so it’s easy to access in your photos.


As your Lights Out host is NOT a fitness instructor and Lights Out sessions are free movement, you’ll need to ensure you do your own warm-up and warm down.


At the heart of Lights Out is our love of music and dancing. We curate playlists that are fast, fun, and full of dancefloor bangers to keep our tribe dancing non-stop for the entire hour!

We understand that it’s impossible to ‘get it right’ for everyone every week and aim for that everyone enjoys 80% of it. If you don’t like a song, it will be over in 3-4 minutes so just use this time to stretch and keep moving.

While we mostly play lots of ‘old classics’ (the ’80s is everyone’s favourite decade), we try to cover a wide variety of decades and genres to get the right balance of old and new. If it’s fast and fun, we’ll dance to it!


We love belting out a tune while we’re dancing, and as no one hears us, we encourage everyone to sing to their heart’s content. In fact, we love it so much we have a dedicated singalong song during the session!


At Lights Out we encourage everyone to let go of their inhibitions and just dance any way they want. People have daggy dance-offs, twirl around like ballerinas and get on the floor or do the worm if they feel the urge. As long as you are safe and keep everyone else safe, you can dance how you want.

Please note Lights Out is a non-contact dance session, so no dirty dancing lifts, etc. and we do not allow tap shoes into our venues and


Like singing, we love when everyone is so excited at the end of each song that they clap and cheer. We encourage clapping and cheering that motivates others and is not annoying.


We have a strict no-talking policy at Lights Out. Most people attend the session on their own, and it’s their ‘me time’ each week to unwind and get lost in the music. It’s not a social occasion for chitter-chatter. If you join us with mates and feel like talking, please step outside. If there is too much talking during the session, you’ll be asked to stop.


We aim to have all of our sessions as dark as possible for each venue. We are currently working on plans to get the Burleigh Heads & Upper Coomera sessions darker, so please note they will be much darker in the future.

Once everything is as dark as possible, your night vision will kick in, and you will be able to make out the silhouettes of those dancing around you. It’s not an unsafe environment where you will bump into anyone or where you are unable to see everyone. Most importantly, your Lights Out host will ensure they can see everyone upright and dancing throughout the entire session.


To ensure we keep the session as dark as possible, mobile phones are not permitted to be used during the session, and we ask that all fitness trackers are covered with a sweatband. If fitness trackers cannot be covered, please place these in your bra, a pocket, or socks where they will still work.


Apart from yourself and your dancey vibes, the only other thing you’ll need to bring is water to stay hydrated because you’re going to sweat!! We recommend at least 1-2L. Please note glass bottles are NOT permitted into any Lights Out venue. Anyone who brings a glass bottle will be asked to leave them outside the hall.


As this is a fitness session, we recommend wearing activewear. As mentioned, you’re going to sweat, so activewear is best! Jeans & high heels are definitely not recommended!

While our preference is that everyone dances in shoes, we do have people who prefer to dance in bare feet. We are happy for people to dance barefoot, but please ensure that your feet are clean and stink-free!


Please note we do not permit any dancing on stages if there is one in any Lights Out venue.


Yes! We are open for everyone to attend our sessions.

Parents are required to supervise their kids and ensure their behavior is not disruptive and negatively impacts the session for others. Please also ensure they are ok being in a dark, loud space, and note we do not filter any songs with explicit language.


While we don’t take song requests per se, we have a Song on Spotify where everyone can add some of their favourite dancing tunes, and this is the place we take inspiration from when creating to curate our playlists.

If you have a song suggestion, we’d love to hear it!

Click here to go to the LOAD TRIBE'S SONG BOX.


If you hear a new song you love during a session, don’t worry about shazaming it; we share our playlists via email following the session and on our social media at the end of each week.

You can find all of our playlists on Spotify and/or Apple Music by clicking on the below logos.


If you loved your dancing in the dark experience with us, we would love your support of our small business with a Facebook or Google review, and invite all your friends to join us.

This small act has a massive impact on helping our sessions reach more people, and the more people we can get off their couch and onto our dance floor, the better!


You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or our Google Page. We do have Meetup but rarely use this, so please go directly to Facebook, Instagram, or our Google Page for any updates and changes to our sessions.


Can't remember what the booking terms and conditions were? Click here to check them out!


Lights Out will have it's 2nd ever price rise to $10 from 1st July. Find out more about it here.

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